There’s an online self-help support group which calls itself the Depression Forum (DF) where last February a new member signed up.

He or she, using the compelling, fictitious name of “noselfesteem,” writes:

Because of all my issues I’ve gradually severed all contact with people. Until now I have no friends or anyone else I see. I live alone. I thought, maybe, I could get a friend who understands what it’s like to have issues.
So here I am. 🙂

This is followed by 15 fellow members who respond with encouraging invitations to become part of the “DF” cyber community. “Wow,” I thought, “we have a lot of people at Sage Neuroscience Center like this.”

The issues vary a lot of course. Some have chronic pain and other debilitating medical conditions so it takes effort to go anywhere. Many can’t work and are trying to live off of $600 per month; outside resources for them can be extremely limited. Some are OK once they get to know you, but they shun crowds; they might even have the experience of feeling they don’t fit in. And it’s true, our society can be very unkind to those who behave differently.

– Woody Allan

Well, it ain’t ever over ‘til it’s over, right? Like Woody Allen says, “Eighty percent of the art of life is showing up.” But showing up to what? And here the differences grow even larger!

Yet for those who have this in common – loneliness, isolation, fear, deep despair, a need to have someone to talk to, someone who understands and listens: let us get together and help each other. Let us even band together at Sage, meet regularly, form our own community. Together we can discover strength and direction which is greater than any one of us.

If these thoughts appeal to you and you can make it our clinic weekly, between 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM, well, let’s just get started…

7 thoughts on “Helping Hands Support Group with Dave Nawrocki

  1. Lisa

    I moved here from Oklahoma City in November. I’m living in my childhood home with my 86 year old mother…because of my health, not hers. I definitely need to get out more.

  2. Mary W

    I would love to be part of such a group. Anything would help at this point, as I feel I am headed once again down that old familiar “slide of no stopping”; the one that makes me feel paralyzed to help myself, much less anyone else. I know for a fact maintaining communication is helpful and uplifting, but the dynamic doesn’t work with family, or friends for that matter- no matter their good intentions. And one can hardly interact with strangers- so a group is the source for the kind of help I need, as well as being helpful to others, merely by interaction and experiential dialogue.

    Being w/o funds makes everything worse; but I recognize I can fall into depression with or without funds. It is the feeling of powerlessness that I must find the strength to fight somehow. I sincerely hope to find help with that for myself and others in a group.
    Could I be so lucky? I hope so!

  3. Catherine

    I was doing so well, finally getting my life back together after the devastating sudden loss of my beloved mother, my best fiend, my rock. And then it just hit me like a brick – the depression is back. Like when we’re having nice weather here one day, and then the next day we’re slammed with 40 mph winds and dust storms and allergies from hell. I’m thinking about suicide again and I don’t want to tell anyone. I am afraid that I will lose my friends and family if I tell them — I put them through so much before when I was hospitalized for depression and suicide attempts. I see people every day at work and put on a good face, but no one REALLY knows what’s going on. My mom was the only one who really understood me. I need a group. I had one in California but when I moved here, I had nothing. My fiancee left me and my mom died and I don’t really know anyone here except for a few friends from my childhood (I grew up here) but they are always (understandably) busy with their husbands and children. I feel so alone.

    1. Dave

      Catherine, I’m glad you reached out us. I’d greatly appreciate if you’d call our office (884-1114) and leave a message as to where I can reach you more privately. Thank you, Dave Nawrocki

  4. Marilyn

    I too have been searching, its become a daily war with the mission being to feel better. Ive been through therapy, EMDR, cognitive, etc and tried the majority of antidepressants with anti-anxiety medications. they work for a while and then something triggers the depression and crying again, like the bandaid was just ripped off. I know all the arguments and rationale in my head, but following through is another story. I would like to meet and talk to people who understand and can relate to the fear, the aloneness, hopelessness and anxiety as well as the need for human companionship or just the presence of another warm body in your space. I have been trying to get an appt for several months now to see someone about my medications. Having withdrawals from Adderall and antidepressants, just so sick and tired of being sick and tired, not smiling, not enjoying life……..the future looks dim and its hard to find a bright spot most days. I need help and support.

    1. Dave

      Hi Marilyn: Would you be comfortable calling our office between 9 am and 5 pm? Please ask for Katherine or me so we have a way to respond more directly, ideally tomorrow (Friday). I’d be happy yo call you on the phone if that suits you. I believe Helping Hands might help. Thanks, Dave

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