Meet: Therese Mondragon & Adriana Sanchez; Substance Abuse & Addictions Intensive Out Patient Clinicians

If you missed the introduction of Sarah Stuckey, LPCC our director of our Clinical Director of Addiction Programs you’ll want to acquaint yourself here. We are pleased to share a little about the other clinicians facilitating our Adult Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Our therapists in conjunction with our medication management staff provide our clients with wrap around physical and behavioral health care.

Therese Mondragon, LCSW has worked for five years in counseling, graduating with her Masters in Social Work from Southern Illinois University in 2013. She co-conducts both our day and evening IOP sessions, as well as sees clients for individual therapy. Working previously for New Mexico Crisis and Access Hotline, an important asset to our state (visit their website here if you’re not familiar) Therese is well-versed in crisis intervention and suicide prevention.

Therese worked for over ten years as a paralegal helping families and individuals work through life challenges. In this work, she saw how important having a knowledgeable, compassionate, and genuine resource was for her clients. This experience inspired her to continue her education to pursue substance abuse counseling. Therese shares that the most rewarding part of her work is empowering others to overcome their challenges. She speaks to a fundamental philosophy of Sage, to equip our clients with the tools that to facilitate the change and healing that they personally define. Adriana Sanchez, LPCC, rounds out our Adult Substance Abuse IOP staff with compassion and tenacity. She co-facilitates our IOP sessions as well as provides individual therapy. She has been in practice for eight years, graduating from UNM with her Masters in Counseling in 2007. Adriana pursued this line of work as a way to give back to society in one of the most profound ways by helping people achieve emotional health. She feels privileged that her clients trust her with the stories and experiences of their client’s lives spanning from joy to pain.

These talented therapists, deeply invested in the cohesion of the IOP group, all help usher our clients through the winding path of recovery. Our Substance Abuse program is truly unique in it’s dedication to making the healing and recovery process approachable and manageable for all of those seeking care. For further information about our Substance Abuse & Addictions IOP services, or click here to apply to become a new patient here.