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Lost In The New

We can all benefit from unraveling the process of being new to something a little. A reader left this comment on our post about habits and change: “The topic of habits has been on my mind a lot lately too. I am trying to form new habits in place of less desirable ones. I have… Read more »

Giving Thanks

Why should we be grateful? I am sitting in my office the day before Thanksgiving, and I want to be home baking and playing with my kids, and our new kittens.   Well, I am very thankful I have this job, and my office gives me a wonderful view of the mountains.  I love it.  And… Read more »

Meet the Team: Therese Mondragon & Adriana Sanchez; Substance Abuse & Addictions Intensive Out Patient Clinicians

  If you missed the introduction of Sarah Stuckey, LPCC our director of our Clinical Director of Addiction Programs you’ll want to acquaint yourself here. We are pleased to share a little about the other clinicians facilitating our Adult Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Our therapists in conjunction with our medication management staff provide our… Read more »


The holidays are coming! What sort of response does this evoke in you?  Are you the type to dance around the house, humming and singing carols, tinsel flying, garland, lights, loving every minute of the season from pre-Thanksgiving to after ringing in the New Year?  Or, does it strike a chord of sadness in you? … Read more »

Your Reaction Is A Choice

    There seems to be no shortage of reasons to feel defensive as of late. When we perceive a threat, or that someone has trespassed our boundary, we are being given an opportunity of reaction. The circumstances of the confrontation are vast and varied. You may feel solicited to respond to something on social… Read more »

When Grief Strikes

  Every human grieves differently, in a different time frame and pattern.  Contrary to modern Western beliefs society, grieving has no “right” or “wrong.” The stages of grief are not linear, they ebb and flow as we travel this journey to acceptance. It can happen in an instant without our conscious presence.  Someone, a pet,… Read more »