Working at a busy Mental Health Clinic, it is easy to see how things can seem overwhelming and out of control on a regular basis. The human is primarily a solution-focused animal; striving within one’s realm of experience to find answers to many of life’s daily complexities. Every day I see the variety of patients and their concerns: finances, infidelity, abuse, violence, substance abuse or severe and psychotic psychopathology. With such a myriad of issues, I am still marveled by those that equate seeking help as a sign of weakness.

Trauma and abuse have the tendency to create within us a desire to isolate and avoid others; thus, making it difficult to seek help when it is necessary. And if you pair the idea that trauma is often the result of actions by others against us, you add another level of possible fear that will prevent contact with sources of assistance.

However, if you see us primarily a social creature, there’s a chance that a high level of need is designed to bring us closer to others. The fear associated with past abuse or rejection needs to be dealt with in order to clear the way for success. One of things I often tell patients that come to me suffering is that with the right amount of time, insight and effort they do not have to live this way. Help, literally, is just a phone call away.

Dr. Sher