Every week I sit and listen to my incredibly motivated Counseling Interns tell me about the events of the week. Sage Neuroscience Center’s Community Access Clinic (CAC) is in full-swing and serving those in need; I am lucky enough to be in a position to not only make this a reality, but hear how so many are getting their needs met on a daily basis.

Let’s just think about it for a minute. Mental Illness can be extremely debilitating. I’ve had patients so consumed with Anxiety or paralyzed with Depression that they eventually¬†lost their ability to maintain employment. In a time when unemployment is the highest it’s been in decades, individuals cannot afford to be out of work. It often starts a downward spiral of negative affect and self-berating behaviors. It’s not only the loss of income, but the social support, self-confidence, and private health insurance that can also be stripped away when someone becomes unemployed or indigent.

This was one of the many reasons for starting this Community Access Clinic. I refuse to stand by and watch our fellow citizens suffer. My challenge to all this week is to reach out and give a hand to someone in need; someone who may not have specifically asked for it, but shows a high level of need. And if they need counseling to help them get a jump-start in these tough times, send them to Sage Neuroscience Center’s Community Access Clinic. I promise we will take great care of them in a caring and compassionate setting.

Dr Sher