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Kids and Coronavirus

By Dr. Leah Rudnick “Mom, Dad, why can’t I play with my friends?” If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard this at least a few times since social distancing requirements have come into effect. You’ve been thinking of ways to explain the situation to your children and the information online has proven to be overwhelming. … Read more »

Radical Acceptance During a Pandemic

We are currently experiencing something that no other generation has been through. The media is bombarding the public with never-ending updates. We receive continuous “pings” from our friends and family, sharing articles, videos, links, and conspiracies about the coronavirus. We seemingly cannot escape from it. There is no denying that a global pandemic is frightening.… Read more »


There has been a lot of anxiety surrounding the coronavirus this past week. More specifically, anxiety about the unknown.  What is the virus? How does it spread? What are the symptoms? When should I call the doctor? What do testing and treatment options look like? What should I be doing? There is a lot of… Read more »