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Activities to Do While Social Distancing

Society must practice social distancing in order to prevent the healthcare system from having an influx of sick people. Social distancing is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. Although many people have faced hardships during this past month, there are a lot of people practicing radical acceptance and making the most out of… Read more »

How To Handle Quarantine During Recovery

Quarantine.  It’s on all of our minds. We’re being told to relax, hustle, get fit, eat well, eat whatever we want. Learn a new language, binge watch TV shows, try to work, work less. Make a schedule, don’t make a schedule. The amount of information is overwhelming and for those who already are struggling with… Read more »

Radical Acceptance During a Pandemic

We are currently experiencing something that no other generation has been through. The media is bombarding the public with never-ending updates. We receive continuous “pings” from our friends and family, sharing articles, videos, links, and conspiracies about the coronavirus. We seemingly cannot escape from it. There is no denying that a global pandemic is frightening.… Read more »