Ash is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in motivational Interviewing, harm reduction, community social psychology/liberation praxis, DBT, CBT, and crisis intervention.  She works with forensic, folks who have been incarcerated, substance use/opiate addiction, survivors and perpetrators of interpersonal violence, complex grief, and survivors of intimate partner/narcissistic abuse. Her passion with her work is with helping others discover both personal and universal social truths; both challenging and validating thoughts & beliefs; building rapport and maintaining healthy therapeutic relationships. Her goals are to help others to build healthy habits, learn to communicate more effectively, define and create boundaries, learn to practice self-compassion, how to start and maintain healthy relationships, find new coping strategies, accept and understand emotions, and help navigate difficult and toxic relationships.

Outside of work, Ash enjoys taking road trips, spending time with her husky, going to an amusement park, county fair or punk show, listening to old country music, thrifting, writing, and reading.  A fun fact about Ash: she dreams of being a truck driver one day (she’ll do therapy over the CB radio)!