Genoa Pharmacy at Sage; Another Facet to Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare.

Genoa pharmacy logo

An exciting element of being a comprehensive behavioral health clinic there at Sage Neuroscience Center is our in-house pharmacy. Over a year ago, Genoa pharmacy opened its first New Mexico location inside of our offices. Genoa is a specialty pharmacy company operating around the country, for more information about them here.

Our pharmacy is an optimal place for our patients to fill their prescriptions. Not only can prescriptions written here at Sage be filled, but also any other outside medications can be transferred in from a pre-existing pharmacy, or called in by an outside doctor. Being able to consolidate all of your prescriptions to one pharmacy is crucial for your safety. The pharmacist can look at your entire prescription list and watch for any possible drug interactions and advise you about instructions for your entire list of medications.

Convenience is key for many of our patients. They can fill prescriptions directly after their appointment, and pick up refills while at our location. But it gets better. Genoa has a mail order system that once set up will deliver to your door your prescriptions just as you need them. No more worrying about a last minute refill, or when you’ll have time to stop by a big box pharmacy. Another great perk is that they offer to put together bubbled medication packs, that sort your pills by day and time in one easy to use package. Packages like this are ideal for patients who have a complicated medication regimen or who rely on a care provider to administer their medications.

This pharmacy is a great option for that many of our clients have already utilized. They accept all major insurances, Medicare and Medicaid. It’s small size, and skilled staff does a phenomenal job of making your experience thorough, quick and convenient. Next time you are at the office stop by their window and chat with them about how they can make your pharmacy needs a breeze.

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