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Welcome to the Sage Neuroscience Center patient information area. Below you will find links to our new patient intake form, current patient downloadable forms, our payment system as well as FAQ’s for new and existing patients. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please call to speak with a member of our staff or fill out our contact form here.

Unsure if your insurance policy covers services at our clinic? Visit our Insurance Providers Accepted at Sage page before filling out a new patient interest form.

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Sage Neuroscience Center Patient FAQ’s

What insurance types do you accept?

We accept most major insurance policies. However, there are some exceptions and exclusions, so please visit our Insurance Providers Accepted at Sage page to review which policies have limitations on their coverage. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call our office at 1 (505) 884-1114 and we will be happy to assist you further.

I need to change my insurance…

In order to change your insurance with us, please contact our office via phone, 1 (505) 884-1114. Remember to bring in your insurance card on your next visit. For more information about the insurance we take, please see above question “What insurance types do you accept”

Why do I have to pick up some prescriptions in your office? Can’t you call it in for me?

The Federal Government and the State of New Mexico has classified medications into different “schedules” depending upon the type of medication. They mandate that medications that fall into certain categories require a hard copy prescription be written. All medical offices must follow the requirements for prescribing that are mandated by the pharmacy board and the government.

What is a Prior Authorization and why do I need one for my medication?

Each insurance company sets coverage benefits that define which medications they will cover as part of your plan. Often they will set up “tiers” of coverage which correlate with how much the copay is for the medication. For certain medications, the insurance will determine that a medication is not automatically covered but needs an authorization for approval. For these medications, the physician’s office needs to submit additional information to the insurance company stating why the patient needs the medication. The insurance company then decides whether or not they will approve it for the patient. Just a reminder, this process takes several days so we ask that you contact our office 5 days early so we can get this process taken care of for you.

What if I run out of medications before my next visit.

For most medications, you can just call your pharmacy and have them fax us a refill request (505) 856-6320. If your pharmacy tells you that you are out of refills or they require a hard copy of the prescription, please call our office and ask for the medical assistant for your provider. We can then take care of the medication request. Please call about 5 days before you run out of medication in case a prior authorization is required by your insurance. This requires several days for the insurance to approve. If you are having side effects or need a dosage adjustment, please call our office for instruction.

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Our mission at Sage Neuroscience Center is to provide integrated care that empowers those we serve to achieve sustainable wellbeing through our collaborative community of diverse and inclusive healthcare professionals.

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