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Genoa Pharmacy at Sage Neuroscience Center in Albuquerque

Genoa Pharmacy at Sage

Our In-house Pharmacy

All your prescriptions in one place. You can conveniently fill your prescriptions at our Genoa Pharmacy, our in-house pharmacy, right after your appointment. All outside medications can also be transferred from a pre-existing pharmacy or called in by an outside doctor.

Our Pharmacy Services:

  • Fills all medications (not just behavioral health).
  • Covered by most major insurance plans.
  • No-cost mail delivery services for those who can’t come to the clinic.
  • Or, you can pick them up at curbside instead.
  • Overnight delivery for immediate refill needs.
  • Organizes your pills based on the date and time you need to take them.
  • Helps you transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies.
  • 24/7 support from our customer service phone team.
Get your medications prescribed and filled in one place.

Genoa Pharmacy: The Comprehensive Solution to Your Behavioral Healthcare

Sage Neuroscience Center is proud to be the first partner of Genoa Pharmacy in New Mexico. We are thrilled to offer our clients a personalized in-house pharmacy experience. The addition of Genoa Pharmacy to our comprehensive behavioral healthcare solutions means patients get better access to the medications they need – delivered more efficiently. Genoa Pharmacy is a shining example of a pharmacy designed for assisted living services.

Using Genoa Pharmacy at Sage for your pharmaceutical services will offer some distinctive advantages over traditional pharmacies. From personalized care and easy consults to improved medication compliance and health outcomes, Genoa Pharmacy at Sage can be your one-stop-shop pharmacy. We like to keep everything under the same roof here at Sage.

Experience Essential Customized Services from Genoa Pharmacy

Genoa Pharmacy at Sage provides customized pharmaceutical care for patients of Sage Neuroscience Center. Whether you urgently need a medication or simply need a refill while you are waiting for a therapy appointment, this partnership means patients can get their medical needs handled in one place, rather than running around town to get prescriptions filled after seeing their doctors. Convenient, right?

Genoa offers around-the-clock on-call pharmacists through their dedicated customer service line for peace of mind during urgent situations. Whenever you have an urgent situation arise, you can count on Genoa Pharmacy at Sage to provide immediate assistance in your time of need.

Additionally, your emergency, admissions, or last-minute orders are filled at no cost to you, and we will ship them overnight when necessary. However, you don’t have to have an urgent need to use these efficient services. Our aim is to make getting your medical needs streamlined and easy.

Benefits of Genoa Pharmacy

We make getting your drugs easy, but we also make taking them as painless and as clear as possible. No more filling medication organizers by hand, as specialized packaging and pre-filled syringes are provided on a per-client basis. This means that each client will receive personalized bubbled packaging in a pre-filled pill organizer or pre-prepared syringes, eliminating the chore of manually putting together complicated pill or shot regimens. It also can help those who become confused about when to take which medications. In-home care providers will also appreciate this feature, as it will make administering medications a walk in the park.

Genoa Pharmacy at Sage also offers fast and accurate personal delivery of your medications, as well as a no-cost scheduled medication delivery by mail if you can’t make the trip to the Sage Neuroscience Center on a regular basis. If there are medications you need filled immediately, we can overnight them to patients. If you know you are coming in for an appointment, have your medications filled during your therapy. Our ambition is to make getting your medications as seamless as possible.

If you or your loved one has trouble remembering to order medications in a timely manner, we have you covered there, too. Refills are synchronized, meaning they are monitored closely by pharmacy technicians. Outreach calls are made to those who may be having difficulties remembering to refill their prescriptions. That’s the benefit of personalized care, coupled with customized pharmacy help.

Genoa Pharmacy

One-Stop Sage Pharmacy Needs

Prescriptions written by our dedicated staff at Sage Neuroscience Center can easily be filled and picked up right here at Genoa Pharmacy, as well as transferring any outside prescriptions you may have at other pharmacies, making it more convenient by picking up all of your prescriptions in one place. Additionally, it is safer to have all your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy, as Genoa Pharmacy at Sage maintains your personalized prescription list and keeps an eye out for harmful drug interactions. They do all this while providing outstanding assistance by offering clear instructions on the use of your medications and answering any questions or concerns you may have about your medications. We even offer flu shots, so you don’t have to make another doctor’s appointment or take a trip to Walgreens to stay on top of your health.

Genoa Pharmacy at Sage is a great option for clients of all major insurance providers. They handle prior authorizations quickly and efficiently, meaning you have little to no wait time in finding out if your medication is covered or not. Clients on Medicare or Medicaid receive the same excellent care as those with paid insurance providers, meaning your prescriptions will be authorized and filled just as quickly as those who don’t have the hassle of calling a government phone tree to request an authorization.

Medication Management from Your Pharmacy

Sage Neuroscience Center provides medication management, which means paying careful attention to all the drugs patients regularly take and in what doses. If you have a reaction or need a generic option, Genoa Pharmacy works with your Sage team to ensure you have exactly what you need. Pharmaceutical care shouldn’t be simply about delivering medication. When your pharmacist and medical team work together, you get the help you need, designed for your unique situation.

Customized Care from Genoa Pharmacy at Sage Neuroscience Center

Sage Neuroscience Center encourages our clients to take advantage of the exceptional in-house services and support of our healthcare partner, Genoa Pharmacy. Both organizations keep the same hours, so you never have to worry about your pharmacy closing while you are being seen for an appointment.

Because our pharmacists and pharmaceutical techs are consistent, they get to know the needs and preferences of patients. That consistency means our team understands the daily medical needs of our patients, which means they are more knowledgeable about potential drug interactions. This is great because everyone on your care team can be in the loop and collaborate to give you the best care possible.

No matter what you need, you will receive outstanding customer service, as Genoa Pharmacy staff constantly strives to develop a caring, compassionate relationship with all their clients, while offering essential quality of life services and support. Convenience and care such as this are seldom offered in one place. Trust our team of dedicated pharmacists working in concert with your medical team to provide optimal and caring service. Expect better health outcomes and quicker consults when medications need changing simply by using this resource.

Streamline your day and ensure your medications are handled by a caring team who understands your medical needs. Switch your prescriptions to Genoa Pharmacy at Sage today.

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Our mission at Sage Neuroscience Center is to create collaborative teams of healthcare providers to engage those we serve to achieve sustainable wellness.

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