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Counseling Intern Clinic

Long-Term Effects of Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Sage Neuroscience Center is proud to offer this service to community members who may not have access to Mental Health Services due to a lack of insurance coverage or financial hardship.

If this describes you, our Counseling Intern Clinic can help. We provide quality therapy delivered by carefully-selected therapists who operate under the supervision of experienced providers.

When you call us, tell the scheduler you want the Counseling Intern Clinic. We look forward to helping you!

We have noticed a growing trend of individuals and families that have either lost their benefits due to job loss or cannot get employment or health care due to the recent economic hardships in this country. We would like to offer these individuals quality, low-cost counseling with therapist interns and/or post-graduate therapists that are working toward their independent license.

A patient can call and ask to be seen in our Community Access Clinic. You will be asked to fill -out paperwork before being screened for therapeutic appropriateness and then scheduled with a provider.

Sage welcomes you as you are. We’re here to meet you at whatever stage of the journey you’re in. No judgements.

Who Is Right for the Counseling Intern Clinic?

All therapists in training, or counseling interns, are supervised by independently licensed providers who hold them to the highest of clinical and academic standards. All potential therapists in this program go through a rigorous selection and training process.
Our clinic and programs are designed for anyone struggling with serious mental health issues like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or the effects of trauma. Many people need some sort of option to help.

The clinic may be for someone who has recently been discharged from psychiatric hospitalization, or anyone who has just completed an inpatient program for mental health. Returning back to regular life and returning to old habits can be overwhelming. Additionally, we have adult IOP services.

Should I See a Therapist?

At times, you may not feel like “you.” And, friends and family may notice before you do. Those who know you the best may notice subtle changes in your thoughts and acts. Keep your mind and heart open.

Consider a number of signs that you may benefit from talking to a therapist, maybe for your first time ever:

  • Dwelling on an issue or rehashing events of the past
  • Struggling to get along with family and friends
  • Experiencing a traumatic event (death in family, loss of job, etc.)
  • Fluctuating and new life schedule
Now, more than ever, is the time to utilize the resources at your disposal. Take the necessary initial steps toward healing and a greater awareness. Trained therapists are able and willing to help, but it all starts with you.

Mental Wellness and New Mexico

Job insecurity, a global pandemic, etc. We don’t have to name the reasons for increased anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and beyond. But, we do need to recognize the state of mental wellness across New Mexico.

In New Mexico, the death rate for drug-related deaths and overdoses is among the highest in the nation. In some New Mexico counties, the rate of overdose deaths is more than five times the national average. According to current estimates, the number of New Mexico residents living with a substance use disorder is over 200,000. Despite this high number, many of these individuals are not receiving the treatment they need to recover, likely because they lack access to care.

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Intern Clinic FAQs

Do you not accept insurance if we have insurance?
We will absolutely accept your insurance if we take that particular plan. Call us to determine if you have benefits.
What are the costs? How are the payments accepted?
The cost is about $45.00 per session. All forms of payment are accepted.
Do you have a sliding scale for people who are indigent? Will you provide services for people under probation or parole?
Yes, we do have a sliding scale for those who have difficulty affording treatment. We will work with your probation and/or parole agent to meet your needs.
Do you accept medicaid?
Yes, most of our providers accept Medicaid.
Does Sage accept UNM Care insurance? Medicare through SSI and SSDI?
Sage does not take UNM Care Insurance, but some of our providers will see patients with Medicare. Please call our office for more information.
Do you provide marriage counseling?
We have a number of providers who do marriage counseling.


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Our mission at Sage Neuroscience Center is to create collaborative teams of healthcare providers to engage those we serve to achieve sustainable wellness.

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