The medical and clinical team here at Sage Neuroscience Center comes from the most rigorous and professional training and academic backgrounds in the country. Take a minute and meet our incredibly gifted team.

Medical and Clinical Directors

  • Reuben Sutter, MD
    Reuben Sutter, MD
    Medical Director
  • Lana Reihani, LPCC
    Lana Reihani, LPCC
    Chief Clinical Officer
  • Lesley McKinney, LPCC
    Lesley McKinney, LPCC
    Chief Experience Officer

Medication Management Providers

  • Kathleen Martinez, CNP
    Kathleen Martinez, CNP
    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Florian Birkmayer, MD
    Florian Birkmayer, MD
    Psychiatrist, Telemed
  • Julia Gallant, CNP
    Julia Gallant, CNP
    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Telemed
  • Anthony Holzgang, MD
    Anthony Holzgang, MD
  • Bryan Krumm, CNP
    Bryan Krumm, CNP
    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Lynne McWilliams, CNS
    Lynne McWilliams, CNS
    Child & Adolescent Nurse Practitioner
  • Leah Rudnick, MD
    Leah Rudnick, MD
    Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Richard Smith, MD
    Richard Smith, MD
  • Eva Velasquez, CNP
    Eva Velasquez, CNP
    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Telemed
  • Jana Weisborn, CNP
    Jana Weisborn, CNP
    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Telemed
  • Kaaren Mahan, PA-C
    Kaaren Mahan, PA-C
    Physician Assistant, Primary Care & Addiction Medicine

Primary Care Providers

  • Dr. Anita Gomez, MD
    Dr. Anita Gomez, MD
    Family Practice and Detox
  • Heather Drager, PA-C
    Heather Drager, PA-C
    Clinical Lead, Primary Care
  • Laura Stern, MD
    Laura Stern, MD
    Family Practice & Addiction Medicine

Therapy Providers

  • Alison Murphy, LMHC
    Alison Murphy, LMHC
  • Tia Nicole Reid
    Tia Nicole Reid
  • Tamara Abousleman, Ph.D
    Tamara Abousleman, Ph.D
  • Marisol Aldana, LMHC
    Marisol Aldana, LMHC
  • Elena Browning, LMHC
    Elena Browning, LMHC
    Therapist & Wellness
  • Andres Duran, LPCC
    Andres Duran, LPCC
    Therapist & BHIOP Facilitator
  • Tracy Fabre, LCSW
    Tracy Fabre, LCSW
  • Solomon Foulk, LSAA
    Solomon Foulk, LSAA
    Therapist & SUDS IOP Facilitator
  • Andrea Gonzales, LSAA
    Andrea Gonzales, LSAA
    Therapist & SUDS IOP Facilitator
  • Micah MacDonald, LPCC
    Micah MacDonald, LPCC
  • Marisa Rothrock, LMHC
    Marisa Rothrock, LMHC
  • Stephanie Turner, LPCC
    Stephanie Turner, LPCC
  • Dierdre Wilson, LPCC
    Dierdre Wilson, LPCC
    Therapist & BHIOP Facilitator
  • Brenda L. Wolfe, Ph.D
    Brenda L. Wolfe, Ph.D
    Psychologist & Eating Disorder Specialist
  • Joshua Everett, LCSW
    Joshua Everett, LCSW

Administrative Employees

  • Lydia Abshire
    Lydia Abshire
    Community Outreach & Marketing Coordinator
  • Patti Brammer MA, SHRM-CP
    Patti Brammer MA, SHRM-CP
    Human Resources