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Integrated Healthcare Services in New Mexico

Supporting Mental and Physical Health in Albuquerque and Beyond

We welcome you into our community with open arms and a “come as you are” mentality. We aren’t here to judge you, we’re here to support your journey. Sage Neuroscience Center was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to integrated healthcare services, which is why we offer behavioral healthcare under one roof.

Our medical providers, clinicians, and staff advocate for patients and collaborate with insurance companies to provide accessible, affordable healthcare so all you have to do is focus on your treatment.

Sage welcomes you as you are. We’re here to meet you at whatever stage of the journey you’re in. No judgments.

Addiction Treatment Services

The use of illicit drugs and/or alcohol can have devastating effects on an individual’s ability to function within social and/or interpersonal settings. Sage Neuroscience Center offers a multimodal approach to helping those that are suffering with addiction. Chemical dependence can often be extremely difficult to treat and requires a unique, catered approach to be successful.

Our clinical staff uses the latest research to determine the best approach to treating each patient’s individual case; never forgetting that a non-judgmental approach is helpful when dealing with the complex and often dangerous social consequences of addiction.

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Medically Assisted Treatment / Outpatient Detox

Substance Use Disorder IOP

Aftercare Group

Behavioral Health Services

We provide evidence-based mental health treatment designed to improve our clients’ self-worth and daily functioning. We offer both individual and group therapy services.

Sage Neuroscience Center wants to serve everyone in the community who needs Mental Health Services. For this reason, we offer individuals who do not have health insurance access to interns and counselors working toward independent licensure. These providers work under the supervision of experienced therapists.

Services For Adults

Adult Individual & Group Therapy

More Behavioral Health Services

Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatrists, Physician Assistants (PA), and Nurse Practitioners at Sage Neuroscience Center are held to the highest standard in the industry. We look for the most knowledgeable and gifted prescribers who will make accurate assessments and safe decisions when it comes to your individual medication needs. Psychopharmacology is something that we take very seriously and medication is only used if our practitioners feel it is safe and will precisely target your specific symptoms.

The proper use of psychotropic medications can mean the difference between success and failure in the treatment setting. Our clinical staff of Medical Doctors, Nurses, PAs, and Medical Assistants regularly coordinates with you and the rest of your support network (therapists, family, etc.) to create a secure and effective approach to alleviating your symptoms with the latest in pharmaceutical interventions.

Learn more about our Medication Management Services

Adult Medication Management

Clinic Services

The comprehensive care that we offer is unique for a mid-size private office setting. In doing so, our clients have a network at hand to assist in more successful and comprehensive health care to achieve a better life for patients based on their behavioral health needs.

Our clinic offers walk-in hours for established patients to test INR levels, UTIs, strep throat, and blood pressure checks Monday through Thursday. All other visits are by appointment. For more information on how to become a new patient to Sage Neuroscience or to begin care in our clinic, please visit our registration form.

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Specialty Services

In addition to our behavioral health services, Sage Neuroscience Center offers a number of specialty treatments and ancillary services to help treat your mind, body, and soul.

Our goal is to meet each patient where you are. This means assessing your personal healthcare concerns and creating a treatment plan that works for your unique needs. We aim to offer quality care that sets community standards, and exceeds our patient’s expectations; all provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective, and accessible manner.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

EMDR Services

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Our mission at Sage Neuroscience Center is to create collaborative teams of healthcare providers to engage those we serve to achieve sustainable wellness.

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