Dr. Marita Campos-Melady is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and serves as Sage’s Clinical Director. Her specialties are Clinical Leadership and Evidence Based Treatments, including a broad range of experience with care for a variety of diagnoses including substance use disorders, eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, bipolar, and more. She works with adults with a range of diagnoses and presenting problems. She shows up each day to support the providers and systems that serve New Mexicans, helping our community to thrive, helping patients see that recovery is achievable and a better day is waiting.  Her goal each day is to create access to the right care at the right time to meet our community’s behavioral health needs

In her free time, Dr. Campos enjoys exploring nature and our beautiful state.  A fun fact about Marita is that she has a pet African Spurred Tortoise who loves to roam her garden and eat his veggies!