Luz Elena Browning

Elena is a therapist that specializes in mindfulness practices, attachment theory, transpersonal psychology, existential therapy, somatic therapy, narrative therapy, and CBT. She believes that all human beings have an inner healer intelligence. She said, “As a therapist, I can provide a supportive and caring space and presence for the individual to tap into it. Through a variety of psychotherapeutic models and mindfulness techniques that relate to the uniqueness of the individual, she or he can begin the journey of the study of the ‘self’ by becoming her/his own inner researcher. This inner connection will lead them to trust their inner guidance and feel empowered. Eventually, their effort and practice will lead them to balance and a sense of well-being. I believe that regardless of mental and medical afflictions, the psyche, the body and the heart are seeking homeostasis. Ultimately the goal is the path to the heart; to self love.” Elena enjoys meditation, yoga, hiking, reading, riding her bike, listening to music, dancing, being in nature and with friends, and just being. She is truly passionate about life.