Kevin is a Physician Assistant here at Sage, trained as a general medical provider who deals primarily with managing medications and procedures. His particular interest is Psychiatry and enjoys working with any and all populations and demographics. When asked what is the best part of his job, he says, “everything I do in life is in the pursuit of greater intimacy – with people and life itself. I believe working in Psychiatry provides me invaluable insight into the nature of suffering and the path towards healing. Witnessing the resilience and ingenuity of the human spirit is greatly inspiring to me – something I look forward to each day.” In his spare time, Kevin plays music, creates visual art, enjoys reading, and having dinner with friends. He regularly attends meditation retreats which have consistently been the highlight of each year – and something he looks forward to and practices in anticipation of.

A fun fact about Kevin: He has been the singer / songwriter in a band for the last 5 years. Their most recent album is titled “Wisp of Lavender Next to Time” by “The Slow.”