How To Set Goals And Motivate

When you plan a road trip, do you just get in the car and start driving? No, of course not! You determine a place you want to go, the route to get there, and necessary supplies you’ll need to get there. This is the same philosophy we need to have for goal planning. The reason that so many of us feel like a passenger to our life is due to the fact that you are living like that! When you go through your journey without a concrete vision of where you want to be and the goals it will take to get there you end up living the classic American life of monotony and unfulfillment.

It’s time to take hold of your life and be the captain of your ship and not the person rowing someone else’s. Goal planning starts with a vision, where or what do you want to have or to be. This process is sometimes the most difficult because we don’t always know where we want to be and we definitely don’t know how to get there. Start by asking yourself simple questions, when you close your eyes and see the premiere lifestyle you want to live, start with that. Now, what does it take to get there? It’s going to be hard work and many hours of struggle but the feeling of achievement will rival almost any adversary.

Set a few easy goals to get going and build that momentum and motivation for yourself. When a boxer takes a hiatus from bouts and training they usually come back to fight a couple of easy matches to build their confidence and reacclimate to the lifestyle. Think of this as yourself, maybe set a goal of not eating fast food for a month and feel that power you get once it’s complete. There will be moments where your self defeating tendencies rear their ugly faces to you, but just know that you are infinitely powerful and when you are ready to give up, success is just on the other side.

So go out and become the captain, become the person you were always meant to be. Nothing breeds more regret and self-loathing than an unfulfilled life that sits on the foundation of wasted potential. We all have greatness within us, the only difference between someone who has succeeded and someone that hasn’t is that they were more willing to realize it than you were.

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