The Healing Benefits of Art Therapy

Sometimes, when a person is in recovery from a substance use disorder, living with anxiety or depression, or working to heal from trauma, words aren’t enough. Often, there are emotions felt that are strong and pervasive yet seem to remain out of reach for a person trying to verbalize them. This may happen because there […]

How Art Therapy Can Relieve Stress

Excessive stress is nothing new to many people across the country, both young and old. Whether it’s a busy home or work life or you’re dealing with mental or physical health issues that are putting you on edge, there are alternative forms of treatment that may help relieve your stress, such as art therapy. Art […]

Substance Use Disorder Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy Tracks

Substance Use Disorder Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy Tracks Sage Neuroscience Center’s Substance Use Disorder Intensive Outpatient (SUDIOP) Group Therapy is available for any qualifying person seeking help combating substance use disorder, co-occurring medical conditions, and other mental health disorders. Our caring team of mental health and substance abuse professionals will assign a counselor to work […]

Therapist Lingo – Understanding Terminology in Therapy

There may be some method in the madness otherwise known as therapy jargon or therapy lingo. A professor once relayed an anecdote about a patient who exhibited reckless behavior. Part of the therapy was coming to terms with predictability and safe decisions. My professor purposely used overused suggestions, such as, “the early bird gets the […]

Demystifying Play Therapy with Children and Teens

In the developmental years of childhood, children who have behavioral problems or disorders can develop life-long mental health issues. Trauma, loss, anxiety, and other behavioral problems during a child’s early development growth can eventually lead to them acting out, being disruptive, or even developing lasting behavioral disorders. Therapy for children is meant to mitigate these […]

Group Therapy Healing Benefits for Mental Health Treatment

When you hear “group therapy”, what goes through your mind? Perhaps a movie scene where a character stands up in an AA meeting and says, “Hi, I’m (insert name here) and I’m an alcoholic.” Group therapy is pretty well known in the context of substance abuse disorder. This normalization of support groups for those who […]

Adult Individual and Group Therapy Services in Albuquerque

Individual Adult Therapy vs. Group Therapy Services – Which Is Right for You? It’s natural to be nervous or have some resistance prior to starting therapy. After all, our current society rewards people perceived as independent, productive, and successful. Admitting a need for therapy can feel like an admission of weakness, or make you feel […]

Infant-Parent Psychotherapy (IPP)

Imagine a baby crying with no response from the mother, father, or caregiver that is responsible for the infant.  The baby’s cries go unanswered until the infant stops trying and begins not to make eye contact, or have much response to the world. The idea of any person not wanting to, or unable to, because […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Therapy

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “Oh, you’re a therapist? Yea, I’ve been thinking about going to therapy.” After a few questions I sometimes find that people have a very media-driven perspective of therapy.