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Kids and Coronavirus

By Dr. Leah Rudnick “Mom, Dad, why can’t I play with my friends?” If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard this at least a few times since social distancing requirements have come into effect. You’ve been thinking of ways to explain the situation to your children and the information online has proven to be overwhelming. … Read more »

Infant-Parent Psychotherapy (IPP)

Imagine a baby crying with no response from the mother, father, or caregiver that is responsible for the infant.  The baby’s cries go unanswered until the infant stops trying and begins not to make eye contact, or have much response to the world. The idea of any person not wanting to, or unable to, because… Read more »

Child Abuse in New Mexico.

When we examine the gaps between the definition of Child Abuse in the Children’s Code (NM State Law on the subject) and the investigation techniques of Social Workers at C YFD and the officers of APD, it is easy to see why so many cases of abuse go unrecognized and unsubstantiated. The result is unnecessary… Read more »