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Mindfulness And How It Empowers You

he dichotomy of life is that in order for there to be light, there must be dark. It is vital to understand that if everything were to be great all of the time then the appreciation for it would dissipate entirely. When darkness is around us we will always have one thing to keep us affixed to help us with struggling through the journey, hope.

Your New Years Resolution Goals

We’ve all been there before, its the third day of your New Year’s resolution and heading to the gym doesn’t sound as appealing as continuing your 2nd week of binge-watching The Office. The psychology behind this is simple, something you have established as a habit has a tremendously higher pull than the new activity you wish to pursue.

Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

    Here at Sage Neuroscience, we believe that the first steps in achieving happiness begin with establishing patterns of behavior that aid you in successfully dealing with anxiety. The crippling abyss that anxiety can provoke in your life is generally a construct that is built in your mind due to being too heavily invested… Read more »

Group Therapy Healing Benefits

    When one is going through any type of mental health healing, a group environment can be one of the most beneficial modalities to foster greater recovery. In group therapy settings, people report feelings of shared experiences that can help make them perceive their trauma in a new perspective. This enhanced perception manifests itself… Read more »

Childhood Trauma and Its Lasting Effects

    During a person’s childhood, they experience a variety of unforeseen traumatic events whether they be abuse, loneliness, or neglect. These manifest themselves in adult life in anxiety disorders, self-sabotage, or any gamut of symptoms. A positive emotional upbringing reinforces in a child’s mind that life can be tough and unfair, but a healthy… Read more »