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Why is Mental Health Important?

A Response by Sage May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we wanted to participate in “Blog about Mental Health Day”. Being a mental health clinic, we are obviously very passionate about the subject. I went around the office and asked the question “Why is Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness Important?”. Below are a… Read more »

Movement and Mental Health

A very well-known sporting giant has a saying, “Just Do It!” I can not think of a more appropriate mantra for improving one’s mental health. Through the years, I have seen a direct relationship between the level of activity in an individual’s life and their level of personal satisfaction and ability to deal with adversity.… Read more »

The Power of Thought

Today is Friday the 13th. As I realized the date, I started to think about all of the mystery and traditional superstition associated with this day. While there are many theories as to what makes this date such bad luck; from the slaughter of the Knights Templar on this particular Friday to the simple negative… Read more »

PTSD Group for Women

Sage Neuroscience Center is happy to announce the start of a new Therapeutic Group. Carol Henry, LPCC and Julie Rosen, LMSW will be co-facilitating a group for women dealing with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The group will begin Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm daily and run for 15 weeks. They will be… Read more »

TMS Featured on the Dr. Oz Show

UPDATED March 16 2012: To see NeuroStar featured on the Dr. Oz Show, click here: This coming Wednesday the Dr. Oz show will be dedicated to alternative treatments for resistant medical conditions.  He will showcase Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for treatment resistant depression.  We are very excited about this prospect as it is a… Read more »

Low Cost Mental Health Counseling

Sage Neuroscience Center is proud to offer a new service to those in our community that may not have access to Mental Health Services due to a lack of insurance coverage or financial hardship. We have noticed a growing trend of individuals and families that have either lost their benefits due to job loss or… Read more »

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Few issues are more exciting to deal with in therapy than relationship issues. Navigating the complexities of modern life and the responsibilities that go with it can prove to be a challenge even to the most prepared members of our society. Time constraints and an ever-changing social landscape make it even more important to tackle… Read more »

Group Therapy for Depression

Sage Neuroscience Center is pleased to announce the formation of a new therapy group. Carol Henry, LPCC will be starting a Support Group for Individuals Coping With Depression; an open psychotherapy group that will focus on educating members about the illness and then instructing them in the various ways of working through the symptoms on a daily basis. The group will begin… Read more »

Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment

It seems that everyone in college has some type of dream; a project or solution to some world-wide, human dilemma. When I was in Graduate School, my colleagues and I had our own dream as well: a mental health clinic with comprehensive coverage of services for a diverse and in-need population. At that time, Albuquerque… Read more »

How to Start Being Mindful in Your Day-to-Day Life

The Basic Mindfulness System You have probably heard about mindfulness before. Whether you heard about it from your therapist or a hippy-dippy friend of yours, mindfulness can be very beneficial to your life and consciousness.  Mindfulness does not equal meditation, however, mindfulness does play a part in the practice of meditation. The Basic Mindfulness System… Read more »