seasons-greetingsNearing the end of the year always seems to be a time of reflection. Marking off the end of the year is one of the many cycles we have in our lives. Depending on what is happening in our lives this may be joyous or depressing or, more likely, met with mixed emotion. Personally, greeting the end of the year often leaves me with a degree of melancholy. Time marches on and doesn’t sit around to wait for me. I am drawn to look over my shoulder and reflect. Do I value what has passed? Were the precious moments savored? What strength from experience can I glean for today? For Sage, we have seen both trying moments and causes for celebration. We have lost some amazing people and brought on some talented individuals. Statewide changes have shaken our confidence in the local behavioral health system. We have also seen positive changes to move mental health closer in equality to the rest of medicine.

Over the years we have built a team of providers as Lisa and I have always believed in the synergy that can be created from a group. Humans are social creatures. We run in packs and our power lies in a balance between the individual and the community. For the Sage community, we strive to foster each person’s individual creativity to empower the group. This in turn empowers the individual. The end goal is to deliver the best patient care we are capable of.

Our growth has been driven by the needs in our mental health community and the availability of providers and services. The synergism at Sage allows us to come together and create services that as individuals we would not be able to accomplish. Services we have started or will be starting include intensive outpatient treatment for addictions; medically assisted alcohol and opioid detoxification; expanded transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression; psychological testing; and intensive outpatient program for depression.

We are excited about the coming potential and look forward to 2014. We always appreciate hearing from you so please let us know how we may continue to provide services. Thank you for your ongoing support of our efforts here at Sage Neuroscience Center.