Suicide has touched many of us…whether it is a personal struggle or someone we have known and lost.  This upcoming Albuquerque Event will help NAMI increase awareness and education about suicide here in New Mexico.

Artist Brandon Lynn Crotty passed away June 27, 2006. He was 36. At the time of his death, his studio overflowed with oils on canvas—experiments in abstraction, still life, and flowers—as he found his own personal rhythm in color and tone. A savant and perfectionist, Brandon felt no piece was ever “good enough,” indeed few completed canvases were even signed by the artist. He never sold a painting in his lifetime, or held an exhibition. On Saturday April 15, from 2-4 p.m., that changes. Brandon’s final 14 pieces not in personal collections will find homes via silent auction (no reserve) at his inaugural opening. Please join us and be moved by his life’s work in person. Proceeds from the silent auction (cash or checks only) will benefit: New Mexico Philharmonic, NAMI Albuquerque, and NM Dog.