What is IOP and How Can It Help?

IOP stands for “Intensive Outpatient Treatment”. During the duration of an IOP program, individuals attend group therapies and individual counseling above and beyond the traditional cadence of classic once a week therapy. The primary focus of this service is to encourage people to actively practice implementing a host of skills in a supportive, didactic environment.

People enter an IOP program when overcoming substance abuse or have already overcome major hurdles and need help adjusting to life without that substance. The program lasts 12 weeks and sessions are generally 3 hours long, 3-4 days a week for optimal results. People that deeply involve themselves in the program gain the greatest benefit. Sharing personal stories, triggers, and conflict resolutions allow not only the person sharing to heal and grow but also the people around them to do the same.

IOPs are usually covered by insurance. Families and loved ones are encouraged to be a part of the program to generate support and motivation. Highly trained providers work closely with IOP participants in the groups and in the individualized private sessions to ensure that their healing is as beneficial and long lasting as possible. 

In 2014, approximately 21.5 million Americans struggled with addiction, as published by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). This makes addiction one of the most common diseases for people in the United States. IOP programs have been helping people create long-lasting habits and safety nets that prevent them from relapsing back into the crippling arms of substance abuse. We would like to take the time to show gratitude and appreciation for not only the providers and doctors that help clients through their program but also the people who have recovered and are now living rich and fulfilling lives.

If you would like to learn more about IOP please click the LINK.

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