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Best practice in behavioral health medicine is increasingly pointing to integrated care. Integrated care is the coordinated coordination of primary care and behavioral health management.  Integrated care combines behavioral health needs, substance abuse issues, and physical health under one roof, with multiple clinicians in close contact with each other, all accessing the same set of medical information. This model of treatment greatly benefits our current and future patients.

Being able to provide truly integrated care has been a dream for Sage since it’s founding. A year and a half ago that dream manifest with the introduction of our primary care clinic.  Certified Physician’s Assistant Heather Drager, who formerly practiced behavioral health medication management at Sage and most recently worked in primary care services for ABQ Health Partners took the reigns of our new department. Her work under the supervision of Dr. Lynn Bryant solidified the mission of Sage Neuroscience to provide impeccable care and reliable outcomes. Many of our existing clients entered into Drager’s compassionate and talented hand, reaping the benefits of expertise in both primary care and behavioral health.

As of August 1, 2016, Dr. Lynn Bryant, Internal Medicine Physician, consolidated her private practice and joined Sage full time. We welcomed not only Dr. Bryant but also her excellent office staff and many of her patients from Primary Care and Preventative Services. She brings with her decades of experience treating and managing a wide array of acute and chronic illness.

The working relationship between our primary care team and our behavioral health providers is second to none.  The comprehensive care that we offer is unique for a mid-size private office setting. We do so to keep our patients from falling through the cracks that you may find in large hospital systems and help ease the risks that come with inefficient communication between multiple prescribing providers at multiple offices.

So, what does this mean for our patients? It means that at Sage you can be seen for therapy, behavioral health medication management, regularly see your primary care provider, and utilize the Genoa Pharmacy all under one roof.  That is integrated care.

We hold in high esteem the importance of our patients readily having access to outstanding primary care treatment from a team that understands intimately the needs of behavioral health patients; and vice versa. Our primary care providers can assuredly refer their patients into behavioral health medication management, therapy, and substance abuse intensive outpatient program, group therapy and any of our other services while being able to keep a finger on the pulse of their treatment.

We are currently welcoming new clients to primary care, accepting most major insurances. Our primary care clinic offers walk-in hours for established patients to test INR levels, UTIs, strep throat and blood pressure checks Monday through Thursday; all other visits are by appointment. For more information on how to become a new patient to Sage Neuroscience or to begin care in our primary care clinic, please visit our registration form here. Or call us at 505-844-1114.



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