June 1st marked the official start date of our Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Program (BHIOP).  We are excited to have developed and launched such an important service, which to our knowledge, is the only intensive outpatient program of its type in Albuquerque.

Who is a good fit for an Intensive Outpatient Program?

The Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Program (BHIOP) at Sage Neuroscience Center is designed to treat adults whose mental health issues lead to significant distress and reduce the ability to function in social, professional, or other important situations. The BHIOP is a good fit for individuals who require additional services beyond weekly therapy sessions, but do not demand the intensity of in-patient levels of care that call for hospitalization.

Is the Intensive Outpatient Program only for Depression? How about Anxiety?

No. While the most common reason for attending the IOP may be depression and/or anxiety, the program was designed to help those struggling with a wide range of mental health issues.  This program is ideal for those who require an increase in treatment from individual / weekly therapy.

What does the program look like and how do I know if I qualify?

The Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Program group meets 3 times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) from 1 – 4 in the afternoon.   The program is 8 weeks in length, during which you will learn and develop a wide range of techniques and skills to help you improve your mental health.

The best way to tell if you are a candidate or would benefit from the Behavioral Health IOP is to discuss it with your mental healthcare provider.  If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the IOP with one of our provides, please call our office at (505) 884-1114. If you are new to the clinic, we encourage you to also apply as a patient to the clinic to get the intake process started.