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Jail and Mental Health Treatment Outcomes

Jail does not seem to motivate better use of mental health services. Our legal system maintains goals of improving public safety and reducing repeat offenses.  Many people in the criminal system suffer from drug and/or mental health problems.  So, it seems a valid question to ask is if going to jail makes it more likely… Read more »

Child Abuse in New Mexico.

When we examine the gaps between the definition of Child Abuse in the Children’s Code (NM State Law on the subject) and the investigation techniques of Social Workers at C YFD and the officers of APD, it is easy to see why so many cases of abuse go unrecognized and unsubstantiated. The result is unnecessary… Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide To Therapy

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “Oh, you’re a therapist? Yea, I’ve been thinking about going to therapy.” After a few questions I sometimes find that people have a very media-driven perspective of therapy.

Vitamins and Mental Health?

Vitamins are commonly known as boosters for our physical health. We often overlook, however, the concept that because our bodies and minds form one intricate system, our mental health can benefit greatly from vitamins as well.

Be Resolute in Your New Year’s Resolution

Now that 2013 has drawn to a close and gym membership commercials have increased in disturbing frequency, our thoughts automatically turn to New Year’s Resolutions and our (often short-lived) commitment to them.

Understanding Grief During the Holidays

Written by Carol Henry, LPCC Many of us have suffered the loss of a loved one this year, so it makes sense that we’ve been talking about grief and loss lately.  As professionals committed to help others cope, I do believe that our experiences with loss and grief have made us more compassionate and empathetic… Read more »

Guilt-Free Holiday Shopping

When I think about holiday shopping, I always have flashes of fighting the crowds and compromising on gifts three days before the holiday season starts. I have started to do one single thing that has forever changed the way I give gifts during the holiday season. I write a list. I know, I know, a… Read more »

Holiday Survival Guide: Coping with the In-Laws

The holidays are upon us and ‘tis the season for increased contact with the in-laws.  Some people are blessed with wonderful in-laws who they get along with swimmingly.  Others are not quite so lucky.  For some people, the in-laws are a source of dread and distress.  Whether it’s being forced to sit across from a… Read more »