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Rachel Jarvis Featured on Good Day New Mexico

Rachel Jarvis, Psychotherapist, and Infant Mental Health Specialist, at Sage Neuroscience Center, talks to Casey on KOB 4 Good Day New Mexico. For more information on Rachel Jarvis, please visit her provider page.  For more information on the amazing work she does, you can read two blog post for more information Infant-Parent Psychotherapy (IPP) Demystifying… Read more »

Prescriber Options in Behavioral Health

When deciding that you need extra help other than your primary care physician dealing with your mental health disorder you may wonder if you need to see a psychologist, prescribing psychologist, psychiatrist, or even a Certified Nurse Practitioner / Certified Nurse Specialist (CNP/CNS) . All are trained in therapy, but there are some differences that… Read more »

Infant-Parent Psychotherapy (IPP)

Imagine a baby crying with no response from the mother, father, or caregiver that is responsible for the infant.  The baby’s cries go unanswered until the infant stops trying and begins not to make eye contact, or have much response to the world. The idea of any person not wanting to, or unable to, because… Read more »

The Depression Trap

“Can’t you just try to do something?”  “It isn’t going to help just to sit there.”  Too often words intended to support turn into poisonous darts.  If we are paralyzed in our depression, don’t these thoughts already go through our mind.  Thanks for stating the obvious, and thanks for reinforcing my self-deprecating thoughts.  Guilt and… Read more »

Breaking the Habit: No More Stigma

As one of the most common mental health disorders and a leading cause of disability, clinical depression affects almost 350 million people globally. While depression is a serious and debilitating disease that can lead to suicide, less than half of those who experience its effects seek treatment. Let that sink in. Less than 50% of… Read more »

Social Media Creating Anxiety and Depression?

  My grandmother always refused to watch the local news. “It’s depressing,” she told me. The only news the local television stations seemed intent on covering was sports (which she didn’t care about), weather (which they seemed always to get wrong) but mostly they covered crime. Many times I heard, “Watch too much of it,… Read more »