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Saying Bon Voyage to a Friend!

Long time therapist, Carol Henry is leaving Sage today.  Carol started with Sage, almost at the very beginning.  She provided support and ideas to her patients and her colleagues; she helped shaped Sage into what it is today. Carol is off on a new adventure, and we wish her great success and happiness. She will… Read more »

Find Your Calm In The Storm

The inauguration coverage this weekend stirred up strong emotions on both sides of the party line. Whether good or bad, in your opinion, it served as a powerful reminder that change at any scale can mean stress. A study called the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory lists 43 events that can cause stress in your life and… Read more »

Resolve To Increase Connections

If you make one New Year’s Resolution this year, let it be for more meaningful connections. Is the yearly resolution to lose 20 pounds already looking bleak and you’re just ten days in? That was my story for a long time too. So, for the past few years, I have made loosely structured goals that… Read more »

Lessons From Being the Client

I have been in therapy for little bursts of time over the past ten years. Each stint involved a death, the demise of a significant relationship or a major life change. Until this year. For the past year I have been in therapy weekly, because one- I’m required to for school, two- I’m learning through… Read more »

Sage on Good Day New Mexico

Thursday, December 8th the office buzzed with excitement and some nerves.  Good Day New Mexico filmed two segments featuring Sage Neuroscience Center.  We are excited. Tune into KOB-TV Channel 4, Good Day New Mexico on January 3rd and the 17th, and watch Dr. Sutter explain Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Sarah Skoterro talk about our drug and… Read more »

Primary Care at Sage

  Best practice in behavioral health medicine is increasingly pointing to integrated care. Integrated care is the coordinated coordination of primary care and behavioral health management.  Integrated care combines behavioral health needs, substance abuse issues, and physical health under one roof, with multiple clinicians in close contact with each other, all accessing the same set… Read more »