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For Decades, New Mexico has had some of the highest drug overdose incidents in the nation. According to Healing Addiction in our Community (, New Mexico is number two in the country for unintentional overdose deaths. This devastating statistic is a firm reminder that our work in addiction services, and the quality work of thousands of other programs across the country, is absolutely critical. We witness first-hand recovery happening every day, and when it does, it is important that we celebrate it!

And so, this September, Sage Neuroscience celebrates National Recovery Month. Now in its 27th year, National Recovery Month highlights the incredible stories of overcoming and provides education and resources.

Our team at Sage has seen how quality treatment and support can help people reclaim their lives and flourish. We also know that the grip of addiction has a powerful effect on loved ones, and we extend our hand of expertise to those who are experiencing addiction in an indirect way.

Nationally, as a part of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, SAMHSA is leading many public health efforts to bring support and relief to millions of Americans. The SAMHSA website ( provides articles, treatment locators, information, training, and technical assistance nationwide.

Locally, the Albuquerque Celebrates Recovery event, held on September 15th collaborated with over ten of our community partners, to celebrate the remarkable achievements of those individuals in recovery.  Events such as these embody the significance of National Recovery Month: to stand together as one community facing the realities of addiction with courage, compassion, and hope.

Sarah Stuckey, LPCC, Clinical Director of Addiction Programs, works in close collaboration with new and existing clients to establish and monitor a customized course of treatment. She shares that,

Recovering ourselves and constructing a new path toward seeing ourselves in the world and the world in ourselves – with compassion, lets all of us move towards our best self. This month, every month, day, hour, moment calls for more compassion, more leaning in, more reaching across the abyss of disconnection that destroys humanity.”

Our team wants every person walking through our doors with a current or previous addiction issue to know that we are here to maximize your potential no matter where you are in your recovery journey.  

At Sage Neuroscience our integrated substance abuse services range from individual therapy to intensive outpatient programs for adults and adolescents. Sage also provides exceptionally effective medication management and outpatient detox treatment. Our team of highly trained and experienced psychiatrists, midlevel clinicians, therapists, and social workers administers all of Sage’s services and therapies. For insight into the Sage experience or to submit a new patient request, visit