The question often comes up, how long has Sage been in practice? Rightfully, when you’re seeking out new provider or even a whole new course of treatment you want to know that you are in well-established hands.

Ten years ago before Beyoncé was a household name and back when you could QWERTY keyboard 45 words per minute, the dream of Sage Neuroscience Center came to fruition by Dr. Sutter and Mrs. Sutter, LISW.

In 2006, Lovelace was closing its outpatient behavioral health facility in Albuquerque leaving 7,000 patients without care. The need for high-quality psychiatry services in the area was paramount. The founders of Sage planted a seed in Albuquerque’s deserted behavioral health landscape and nurtured it with huge aspirations.

From one office with one provider to an expansive facility housing 27 providers, specialty services, intensive outpatient programs, state of the art Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) services, an in-house pharmacy, and integrated primary care services, suffice it to say- how it grew.   

Founded on the principle that our clinic will be a place free from the stigmas of mental health treatment; that we honor each one of our clients for who they are, fully; that we take the time to acknowledge the courage and perseverance that it takes to seek help and commit to a treatment plan. From the bottom up, Sage is motivated each day in knowing that within our walls, healing continually happens through the powerful collaboration of client and provider.

Today and every day we want to thank our dedicated clients, our community, our staff and our executive team for creating and sustaining our center for care.

Happy ten years Sage!