Ornamental corn in basket

It’s the time of year where you gasp at the calendar and let out a bewildered, “Where did the year go?”. The usual response is a laugh and a shake of the head. “Who knows?” That exchange is happening everywhere lately; after all, it’s harvest time. Autumn has always called for reflection, to look at what one has created for him or herself over the year.

So take a moment. Look around you. What harvest lies before you? If you like what you see. Then allow yourself to enjoy the fruit of your labor and good fortune. If you’re not so happy with how this year has gone, then maybe consider taking some mindful actions to nurture your life.

All right, I know what you’re thinking…farming metaphors in the internet age…really? I hear you. But there’s a point. And that point is…I’m no farmer. If someone asked me to plant a row of corn and bring it to harvest, I would be completely lost and would fail. In the same way, many of us are trying to overcome our addictions, to deal with the obstacles of life, and feel completely lost. Like me in that cornfield, you may feel overwhelmed because you lack the tools to create and maintain successful change.

Sage is a resource. A place to gather your tools, to grab hold of an outstretched hand. Our Substance Abuse and Addiction services are helping people thrive every day.

Seeking help, entering a program, going through detox can all stir up fear and apprehension. We aren’t trying to pacify those feelings but instead take some time to inform you of what the path to recovery looks like at our agency.

It is important to know that Sage Neuroscience is an outpatient clinic. Depending on the medical acuity of a potential patient’s substance abuse issue they may be better suited for an inpatient program. So how do you find out if Sage will be a good fit? The first step is simple, fill out our new patient paperwork either in person at our clinic or our website. And then give us a call with any questions. Our support staff and our clinical addiction services team members are happy to fill you in with all of the details.

After submitting your new patient paperwork, an intake specialist reviews your information and calls you directly to do a brief phone assessment of how your needs and our services match up. As determined by that call our intake team will set our soonest available appointment for you to meet with our Clinical Director of Addiction Programs or to come in for an appointment with one of our Medical Doctors who specialize in addiction treatment.

During your initial visit, you and your provider will collaborate to design a treatment plan that often consists of a combination of our services. For instance, a patient’s best course initially, may be to go through our medical team for supervised detox and medication management. Then would begin our intensive our patient program while still regularly meeting with his medication provider for monitoring. Another patient may be better suited for inclusion in our once-a-week recovery support group and individual therapy. The providers at Sage know that every person has different needs and we are committed to finding a way to make recovery manageable and approachable for you or the person under your care.

For adults, we offer morning, afternoon, and evening times for our intensive outpatient substance abuse group (IOP). Based on availability you would choose the track that best suits your schedule. Many of our patients maintain a normal work schedule and/or attend to family obligations while also attending this program. It is a three-day a week commitment for three hours a day. The number of weeks varies based on patient’s needs but averages approximately 12 weeks. Our Adolescent IOP meets three days a week from 3:30 to 6:30 for ages 13 to 18. All of our Substance Abuse IOP tracks are currently accepting private insurances, Medicaid insurance plans, and self-pay patients.

Sage Neuroscience provides the safe space for you or your loved one to create and execute planned success. Envision yourself next year. See yourself standing in front of that someone who jokingly asks, “Where did the year go?” And see yourself smile. See the beautiful picture in your mind of having put in the work for a bountiful harvest of wellbeing.