5 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood

New Mexico is going on week 4 of lockdowns and if we’re being honest? For a lot of people, it isn’t getting any easier. With a global pandemic, it’s not easy to be in the best mood.

We wanted to remind you that it’s perfectly okay to not be okay during these chaotic times. It is important to remember that what we typically call productivity is going to look different under social distancing restrictions. Everyone is handling this pandemic differently. Take some time, relax as best you can, and check out five ways to boost your mood!


  1. Smiling– When you smile to yourself it signals your body to feel happy because your body says, “Well if I’m smiling, I MUST be happy right?” then it adjusts accordingly. Not good at faking it ‘till you make it? Netflix and YouTube have a ton of standup comedy sets that will make you crack up. Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine. 
  2. Deep Clean and Reorganize- A great way to boost your mood is to organize your home. Marie Kondo became famous because her method of decluttering helps people find joy. You don’t have to be a minimalist, but getting rid of clutter and things that no longer serve you can help relieve some stress. More clutter = more stress. If you’re already super tidy, wipe down your services, do laundry, or rearrange your furniture to give your space a refreshed look. 
  3. Enjoy Nature- Take a walk outside and be truly present in the moment. Being in nature helps you feel more grounded, so listen to the birds sing, take off your shoes and walk in the grass, and allow yourself to pick up on scents. By being present, you may notice something new about your surroundings.
  4. Exercise– We know you’re sick of hearing it. Nobody wants to be told to go workout but it’s true that working out boosts your mood. It doesn’t have to be intense. You just need to move your body and get your heart rate up. Kill two birds with one stone and enjoy nature while you exercise!
  5. Talk to a Friend- Connect with an open-minded friend willing to listen. Take some time to vent about what is bothering you and then catch up with your friend. Sometimes just talking through your situation can put things into perspective. Before you vent, make sure to double-check that they are in the right headspace to listen and be there for you!

We understand that this entire ordeal is incredibly frustrating and although you may not feel like using any of our tips above, we challenge you to try. You never know, you might surprise yourself!

*If you have been struggling with depression or symptoms that you feel need mental health or medical care, please contact us at www.sageclinic.com. We would be happy to work with you.

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