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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we wanted to participate in “Blog about Mental Health Day”. Being a mental health clinic, we are obviously very passionate about the subject. I went around the office and asked the question “Why is Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness Important?”. Below are a few of the answers.

Why is Mental Health Important?

As a matter of fact, certain tools in our lives need to be maintained to work properly.  We change the oil in our cars, we clean and organize our homes.  Why then, do we not take the time to talk to someone about our mental health.  Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding major damage to a car, and cleaning our homes prevents hoarding.  So next time you feel like you are going crazy, call Sage and make an appointment. When was the last time you did something for your mental health?

Matthew Decker


Years ago, I attended a lecture by the famous William Glasser MD. Dr. Glasser took a short poll before starting the lecture and asked for a show of hands as to how many in the audience worked with Mental Illness. Being that this was a lecture largely marketed to those in the Psychology Industry, almost all of the hands in the room went skyward.

After taking a brief look at all of the hands, Dr. Glasser then asked how many in the audience worked with Mental Health. This, of course, hit home for many in the crowd including myself. The range of psychopathology that one deals with on a daily basis in the Mental Health field can be broad and often difficult. However, if we tend to focus on Mental Illness, few will move beyond this as their major way of conceptualizing the world. Shifting the focus to Mental Health allows for growth, change and a general acceptance that it is the power of the individual and not necessarily the provider that fosters change and psychological well-being.

Rob Sher


Having worked in the mental health field for over 30 years I have seen some changes however, we have sadly a long way to go. When our society learns to not condemn people to lives of quite desperation and the disenfranchised populations but to embrace with compassion and understanding for all those who are different, not only those who walk with a mental illness – then our society in evolving rather than declining only then will I feel we have arrived.

– Lynn Thompson


Being aware of your mental health is important because it affects every single other facet of your daily living and functioning. Without awareness, it is difficult to pinpoint why you are so stressed out or having problems with daily life. When you take a moment to stop and think about how you feel, it can be overwhelming sometimes, so we often ignore our mental health. Only when you acknowledge mental health issues are you able to seek treatment and function normally again. “Treatment” can be something as simple as 5 minutes of meditation, getting a relaxing massage, or sharing your feelings with someone who cares about you.

– Katherine


I feel that mental health awareness is so important. There are so many people that are so used to being mentally ill and it actually feels normal to them. Many don’t even know that they have an illness and that they can be helped and that there is another way to feel aside from miserable. I am all for mental health awareness for all ages.

Shelly Young


Although we have come a long way with the treatment of mental health issues there is still a stigma and the lack of understanding what is mental illness . Check out the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) and your local Alliance for Mental Illness (AMI). They are great organizations for family support and current research.

– Teresa


I am determined to work in the mental health field until the day comes when a person with depression is treated with the same respect and equality as someone being treated for a flu bug.

Pam Allen


Mental health is an issue that affects individuals, families, and society in general. There are effective treatments available for those who are suffering.

Lynne McWilliams


In my time at Sage, I have come to appreciate the way mental health treatment can improve peoples lives. You can see it in there gate, hear it in there voice, and sense it in there confidence. I am glad to promote such a deserving service to a community that is both under served and misunderstood.

Julian Sutter

What do you think? Why is mental health important?

Are you passionate about mental health? Why do you believe it is so important? Why do we need more mental health awareness? Leave us a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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  4. Damion Caldwell

    MENTAL HEALTH IS EVERYTHING!!! I provide a unique blend of mentoring for student athletes that is rooted in psychotherapy. I compare the scrimmage line on the football field to a person’s mental health, and those teams that lose control of the line of scrimmage typically lose the game.

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