Jonathan Downey – May 28, 1966 – May 20, 2012

Jonathan Downey passed away Sunday, May 20th, 2012.  Jonathan was a provider at Sage Neuroscience Center, and he will be missed dearly.  Below is the obituary as it was published, Sunday, Jun 3rd in the Albuquerque Journal.

DOWNEY — JONATHAN R. Age 45, passed away Sunday, May 20, 2012. He was born in Boston, MA on May 28, 1966. He lived in Columbia Maryland. During his childhood, he attended Wild Lake High School. In 1982 Jon moved with his family to Albuquerque, New Mexico where he attended Highland High School. After graduation Jonathan attended UNM which included a one year study in Spain. He graduated in 1988 with a BA degree, in Photo Journalism. In 2000 at Saint Francis College Jon earned a Master of Science degree as a Physician Assistant. He worked as a Physicians Assistant in El Paso, Texas for three years. Jonathan was employed by Sage Neuroscience Center. He is survived by his father, Robert Downey; brothers, Christopher Downey, James and his wife Michele Downey; nieces, Leah and Shannon. A Memorial Service will be Saturday, June 9, 2012 at Daniels Family Funeral Services Wyoming Chapel at 10:00 am. In lieu of flowers, donations may be given in Jonathan’s honor to support either cancer or mental health programs….

Remembering Jonathan

Jonathan Downey was a compassionate provider who was dedicated to providing mental health care to his community. When asked about mental health recently, his response was

Mental Health Services: creating balance in individuals and allowing peace to thrive in communities. Services for mental health issues saves tax-payer money in the long-run, and provides opportunities for patients to contribute to their community.

Jonathan was a joy to have as part of our team, and we will all dearly miss him.

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9 thoughts on “Remembering Jonathan Downey

  1. Lisa Sutter

    Jonathan –

    It was a pleasure to work with someone as dedicated to mental health as you. Your sincere and caring attitude towards people, made our clinic a better place to be. You will be greatly missed by your colleagues and your patients. We will continue in our work with you in our heart. We are thankful that we got a chance to know you and work with you.


  2. Reuben

    Since you’ve been gone i find myself thinking more how short life is. Life is way too short. Yet we rush though our day. I am thankful we had time together. Unfortunately it was a short period of time we had to work together. You had a quiet, resolute compassion that thrived in mental health treatment. Somewhere, somehow, i hope we can have more conversations. There is a lot more to be said. Life is way too short.

  3. Racheldawn

    Each day I walk past your office thinking that THIS will be the day that I will see the office light on and you will be there helping one of your patients. I really wish that we had more time to get to know each other. Thank you for always being kind and making us smile throughout the day. I wish your time with us wasn’t cut short, but thank you for the time we did receive.

  4. Bryan Krumm

    Jonathan, working with your patients has helped me to look into your soul, and to see the kindness that was there. I regret that we didn’t have more time together. I hope you find peace.

  5. Dave Nawrocki

    Jonathan, I will always remember your quiet, shy smile and conversations we had, moreover comments made to me by patients we shared and how much they valued you.

  6. Laurie Casady

    I didn’t know Jonathan very well, but we talked about how best to be kind and caring for our patients. He was a gentle soul, he had a humble and inquiring way about him that set me at ease, an understanding,and propelled me to feel comfortable in his presence.
    There was a softness about him, I sensed, perhaps a softness that this hard world didn’t deserve for long. Our loss is Heaven’s gain.

  7. J.D

    Dr. Downey you truly will be missed. You left this earth so sudden. You always treated me with care, kindness, and consideration. Thank You for all you have done! May you rest in peace.

  8. Shirley

    I knew Jonathan in his early college years. He could always make me smile and feel comfortable around him. We went to a few conferences together with other friends which included long road trips, deep conversations and several rounds of laughter as we all got more tired. I enjoyed seeing the world through his photography and hold dear the photos he took of my wedding and my family. I am happy he became a doctor and am not surprised that he was so well loved. I’m sorry we lost touch with each other over the years.

  9. Teri Gutierrez

    I knew Jonathan twenty-five years ago. He had a good sense of humor and a sly smile. He asked many questions and listened well.

    I’ve thought of him over the years and wondered how he was. I’m happy he found his place helping people.

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