As fall is steadily coming upon us, we are fortunate at Sage to be bringing the two offices together again.  The staff at Sage has created a culture of family and it has been hard over the past year for us to be separated.  This allows us to collaborate much more closely on patient care.  We also regularly bring in outside experts to educate us on various subjects in mental health and medical care in the greater community.  Having everyone together makes this more effective.

We started this clinic six years ago with the belief that a multi-disciplinary group has the potential to provide much better care than any of us as individuals.  I am fortunate to be able to rely on colleagues I can turn to on a daily basis for insight and feedback.  When the emotional toil of the job weighs in, there are readily supportive people to process with.  I believe this makes us happier and healthier as providers.  The whole is really greater than the sum of its parts.

The growth of Sage has been impressive.  We have grown over the past six years to 23 providers with a host of support staff.  This has largely been in response to the need of the local community.  Our community is short of therapists, psychologists, nurse practitioners and psychiatrists. This past year, we have had more than 2,000 new patient visits alone.   As we have been able to accommodate more providers, we bring them in to meet new requests for services.  We are now housed in a single office that is able to accommodate all our providers.  There is also more potential space in the building should we need to expand further.  Please visit our providers section to see the latest additions to our team.

With all our growth, the primary focus remains the same.  We are striving to provide the most medically relevant care in a compassionate environment.  It is a patient/consumer comes first model.  It can be rather anxiety provoking for someone to recognize mental health needs and seek services.  We want our clinic to be as welcoming and healing as possible.  To that end, we encourage any feedback that will help us remain focused and moving forward toward that goal.  With that, we hope to be an institution in this community for a very long time.  Please give us a call or visit us online for anything we may be able to help with.

2 thoughts on “An Update from Dr. Sutter for Fall 2012

  1. Bonnie Bluhm

    A very positive and uplifting message! I wish the best for all of Sage Neuroscience’s endeavors…you are so helpful to so many people.

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